Tuesday, April 22, 2008

May Occasional Sales in Buffalo

Damn! One week from today I have to be completely set up and ready for the occasional sale at The Porch in Buffalo. I am no where near ready and I am again beginning to stress on the set up issues.

If you have some time around the first weekend in May you may want to consider a shuffle off to Buffalo. It can be shabotage heaven. I have tried to assemble a list of the numerous shopping locations when you come to Buffalo. This is neither comprehensive nor all-inclusive, just what I was able to pull off the top of my head.

Buffalo Nickel (Donna) is a traditional antique store with a lot of shabby (not shady) contributors;

Second Hand Rose (Rose & Barb) the first of the occasional shops in Buffalo with a more cabiny, rustic and funky sort of edge to its shabotaged fare;

This & That (Myrna) 2 floors with lots of furniture and plenty of material for your shabotage projects;

Sweet Salvage (Donna, Pat & Tamera) in-the-rough and architectural salvage;

Barn Chix (Dawn) newly expanded shop with plenty of shabby and a variety of styles expressed by their large dealer base;

The Porch and Atelier (Teresa) 2 floors in the 1900 post office building, plenty of style with a French flair (and a bunch of Hogs in the middle of The Porch);

Behind the Picket Fence (Jane) general stuff with a thrift shop bent;

Three Sisters (Ann) two floors of good finds and shabby stuff;

Yesterday's Charm (Marge) great looking pieces in the old bait shop (but nothing fishy here);

Emmy Lynn's, kids clothes,

Lillian's, funky purses and accessories; and

Annie's Attic (Annie) another large traditional multi-dealer shop with lots of interesting stuff.

Maple Lake Antiques (Diana) is 5 miles west of Buffalo on Highway 55. It is a traditional mutli-dealer shop with good furniture and good deals (and more than its share of Hogs, with Russell, Steve and I all herding swine).

There are plenty of places to eat, a few to drink and most of the fast food chains to refuel during your visit. Hope that some of you can make the Sales in Buffalo.

Mr. Flannery


Anonymous said...

What a nice report! Hope everyone can make to Buffalo - way more treasures than you can imagine!

Anonymous said...

Great summary of all the shabbies. I always lose count of a few. I'm up early for a spray paint run! We hope to finish the porch set up today. It will be fun to work with some new booty from my pirates cave. See you next week!


Debbie said...

Buffalo sounds a bit like Heaven to me....hope you had a good sale day!