Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Lament of the Occasional Sale

Procrastinator -- me? Nooooo. There's plenty of time. I am in my self induced monthly dilemma concerning setting up my space at the Porch for the occasional sale. The May sale starts tomorrow (which leads to another existential question, how does the May sale start in April?). I am in my usual dither about not having my pieces ready, not having my merchandise priced, not liking the way my space looks, not liking the pieces that I'm selling and worrying about failing to meet my personal standards or those of the shop.

The weather has been terrible, there is still snow on the ground from last Friday's dump. The tools cannot be found. I put them away and now can't remember where I put them. The pieces need to be excavated from my garage, but where do I put the excavated debris while the piece is in process. All good excuses. Most available and utilized in some form by me every month. The problem is that I am a procrastinator. Never do today what can be put off to tomorrow. Besides if I die between now and then I'll never have to do it.

I'll get my space finished today. Some of my stuff will sell. Some of my stuff will remain. The space will look presentable, the goods will look fresh and different. And I will swear that I will be ready early for the June sale.

Mr. Flannery

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