Thursday, April 24, 2008

To the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant - Ho Ho Ho

Very early tomorrow morning Kris, Mike and I are going to head to the antique farm machinery show near LeSueur. LeSueur is in the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant and the headquarters for the agribusiness. Its not that Kris or I are that interested in farm machinery, there is a huge flea market associated with the show. The past few years, Kris and Mike have not been able to complete the entire market because it is just too big. We are going to pack up my truck and trailer for our adventure. The weather is predicted to be soggy and given that the sale is in a bare field, muddy.

Mike is hoping to find a couple of old fanning mills. He cuts the machines into pieces and uses just about everything for a variety of shabby (but not foo foo) projects. The tops make interesting tables. The weathered lettered side boards with the names like Hero or Winner are wonderful in a number of made up pieces. Mike and Kris even have a Smut Cleaner (which is a smaller fanning mill type machine) in their yard as decoration. And it is handy for any smut that may need to be cleaned.

Mike and Kris promise that there are piles and piles of interesting pieces to be found there. They are also certain that the trailer will be needed in addition to the bed of the truck. I'll take them at their word, but 5 AM and "sprinkles" certainly are not enticing me to get up and going.

I was cleaning some smalls today getting ready for the occasional sales next week. I found what is one of the most foo foo plates that I have. It is pink and blue with air brush and decal flowers. Royal Bonn, made in Germany, circa 1900.

Mr. Flannery


SueB said...

can't wait to hear about what you find today Mr Flannery..........


Anonymous said...

I have found mud on every part of my body - how did that happen???? My feet are wrinkled from being cold and wet all day and my face feels burned from the wind and rain - but would I do it all over again??? YOU BETCHA!!! So many fun things to play with tomorrow - for now - there is not a muscle in my body that is not screaming! What an adventure - thanks for going with us Peter!