Friday, April 18, 2008

No Wonder the Garage Fills Up

My good friend Mike, who is very lucky to be married to Kris, was complaining about receiving no credit for introducing me to the Shabby world. I met Mike and Kris at a number of local auctions. Kris was actively involved in shabotaging and selling items at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo and Mike was actively involved in doing what Kris told him to do. I made my usual uncomplimentary comments about shabotaged furniture and Kris and Mike put up with me anyway.

Over time, they convinced me that selling good stuff in the shabby shops was a very good idea. They started me selling at Second Hand Rose Too, another Buffalo occasional shop that has since closed. They also introduced me to Teresa the owner of The Porch. Thank-you Mike and Kris for giving me the opportunity to meet and work with the shabbies of Buffalo.

A couple of years ago Kris, Mike and I drove together to a huge auction at a farm just outside of Wadena, Minnesota. The auction started at 10 AM and after operating in two rings for a while, it was still going at 5:30 PM. The final 20-25 items sold in the barn with Kris and I standing with the auctioneer. He was perceptive enough to say "I guess that you aren't going to bid against each other". My reply "not if she is going to ride home tonight". We filled the truck, we filled the trailer and we had to leave a couple of items there because we ran out of room. Kris had to sit at an angle in the back seat because the rest of it was filled with "delicate" items.

Now I am reminded why my garage is difficult to empty.

Kris & Mike with Trike and Trailer

Mr. Flannery


SecondhandKris said...

I am so glad that you mentioned Mike was LUCKY to be married to me! I love your tales - and look forward to them every day! Each one makes me smile and nod - cuz like all of us in this junking business - it all makes perfect sense! That was a fun trip! You know how much we love spending time with you - we always share a lot of laughter don't we?

ann furnivall said...

your place looks like so much fun....looks like a lovely load!!!!
what are they liking up there?

TERESA said...

Seller or buyer, everyone knows KRIS & MIKE, and Buffalo junking wouldn't be the same without them and their good stuff, and of course, their smiles!