Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Different Kind of Shop Opening in Buffalo

There is a different, but similar, kind of shop opening in Buffalo, Minnesota for the next monthly occasional sales (May 1-4). It is called Sweet Salvage and will feature in the rough, architectural and salvage pieces ready for the shaboteur to take to the next step. The owners are also considering a Sunday morning flea market in their substantial parking area. In my normal, I'm a big help, sort of way, I suggested two other names that were immediately rejected, Buffalo Chips and Sweat Salvage. And of course, if I ever sell from there, my area will be called The Sty by Hogs and Roses, with a sign over the entrance "This junk may look better through rose colored goggles". (And maybe a picture of my flying pig wearing rose lensed aviator goggles).

I really like the market concept and the idea of the flea market. The Wright County Swappers Meet, near Annandale, has been a successful Saturday flea market operation for almost 40 years. Many sellers would set up there on Saturday and then set up at Monticello or Medina on Sunday. Both of the Sunday venues have fallen apart. Sweet Salvage, situated on Highway 55 on the main route from Annandale to the Twin Cities, is in an excellent location for both buyers and sellers to supplant the other Sunday markets.

I described the shop concept and location to one of the shabbies. I said that it was just south of 55, kinda behind the Subway. She said "Where's that? I didn't know that Buffalo had mass transit." I replied "it doesn't, it has sandwiches". Oh my! And she operates a high powered SUV.

I will not be participating in Sweet Salvage for now. I am committed to 3 occasional sales and my regular antique shop at Maple Lake Antiques for this month. I wish the owners well and hope that more buyers are attracted to Buffalo, making for a better shopping and selling experience.

Mr. Flannery

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