Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shabotaging on the Driveway

After a dismally cold and gray morning the sun finally is shining on the tundra. The ice is still on the lake, but in the past 2 hours the ice on the bay has turned a snow cone flaked texture and the color has changed from medium gray to nearly black. If the predicted thunderstorms occur overnight, the ice will be gone before morning light. I have been around this lake for 38 years and this will be the latest "ice out" that I remember. So much for global warming. We live in a climate zone that is very similar to that in Western Siberia. (Only my ancestors coming here from Northern Europe decided that it would be great to head to the only part of America that is colder than where they lived. And, unlike the Siberians, my ancestors came here voluntarily and on purpose. Bahhhh!) Russian President Vladimir Putin once said that global warming wasn't bad for everyone. In light of our Siberian like climate, I think that old Vlad hit our needs right on the head.

I had a chance to start some shabotaging on the driveway this afternoon. I even had to strip off my sweatshirt to deal with the heat. I started up the pressure washer and determined that I need a piece for the carburetor to make it work properly. I will purchase that piece tomorrow. I sanded one old barn door and had Leigh give me some suggestions on the proper height and width that will be needed to make the small door piece into a sofa table.

The yellow painted oak lamp table sanded smoothly and will stain up nicely. I left the crackly yellow enamel on the legs, so I think that it will have a dramatic look. The two small writing desks have been sanded and are ready for new knobs and paint. One will be painted pink with round white painted wood knobs. The other will probably go white with black knobs (or maybe pink. I'll have to test that concept). I am getting so excited about working on projects and not just shuffling items in and out of the garage between the snow drifts. Before, during and after photos, soon.

Mr. Flannery

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Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

It's nice to know someone is in "action". I keep thinking about hauling some smalls out and working on them but.....

Looking forward to seeing photos when you're done.