Monday, April 21, 2008

Pretty in Pink - Oh My!

If you feel the Earth shaking or if it comes to an end tomorrow you may blame me. I have been outside painting a rotten Duncan Phyffe style coffee table pink. I went to Walmart and had to select a shade of pink. Oh the thought of it makes my head hurt. I removed the leg that was wobbly and attached with the remnants of glue and screws. I pulled the metal foot caps so they do not get pinked. (I have always hated latex paint smeared on the metal feet of such a table.) I have put the first coat of cherry blossom pink on the scarred table top and decided that I may fill the table top with a portion of a Robert Woods print.

Babe is my working buddy.

Mr. Flannery


SueB said...

Mr Flannery I do believe I just saw a a pig fly by my window............LOL


Anonymous said...

OUCH! Poor old Mr. D. Phyfe must be shuddering in his grave. But I have to admit it looks good. Is it coming to the porch?
Babe is adorable by the way and so are the kits.