Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back to Commentary on the Shabby World

Its been a long two weeks getting together for the monthly sales in Buffalo and then Sauk Rapids. There is one more sale at Red Barn Minnesota starting next Thursday, but I have committed to do much less for this sale. Kari has her semi-annual sale starting on Thursday and she will have out of state customers parked in her parking area over night before the sale. People love her stuff and the junk prepared by the other dealers that she lets sell there. I have never committed to the full space and she has always graciously permitted me to place a few pieces in with her stuff. I feel privileged to have my hogs considered good enough to fit in with the rest of the items.

I hope to get a few blogs written this week that sound less like commercials for my next sale and have a little more wry observation of the state of our business and a man's sojourn through the shabby world.

Mr. Flannery

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SueB said...

I'm glad you are back we've missed you