Friday, May 16, 2008

Brookings South Dakota - We Won't Be Back Anytime Soon

Kris and I drove 360 miles round trip to attend an auction in Brookings South Dakota yesterday. The internet ad had great photos and we were hoping to score some furniture for the shops.

We got the the auction site just as it started, thanks to an unintentional 20 mile detour I took to Montevideo to view the Burger King. I was number 33 and the room was sparsely populated by potential bidders. Oh boy this had potential. Well all 32 people in South Dakota who have money to spend on antiques were there too. I bought some feed sacks, postcards (some are already on eBay) and a beautiful Victorian turned wood lamp. Too much time, too much gasoline, too much money for us to contemplate a return trip to South Dakota anytime soon. I can overpay for junk much closer to home without burning that much gas.

Mr. Flannery

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