Thursday, May 1, 2008

Antique Steel Table with Queen Anne Legs, Why?

I have some great stuff at the Porch this month. I also have some not so great stuff and some real junk. The great stuff includes an 1880's steel table with Queen Anne legs and antique typewriter-like dimpled brown painted and pinstriped legs and rails. The table is a wonderful cross of American Industrial Revolution meets Queen Victoria parlor room style.

The sales have been better again this month, but I am having trouble getting better furniture out the door. It is also always interesting to see what the first items of mine to sell. One month, from amidst all the wonderful baubles and glorious hogs, it was a rock. This month it was the wood propeller from an old farm windmill electric charger and the bright yellow pop-bead style Italian designer purse.

I spent a good part of Wednesday getting more things ready for the Grand Opening of Gypsy Lea's. I hung 6 huge glass and metal church chandeliers in the trusses of the ceiling. They look spectacular and do not overpower the room. They form a walk-way from the front of the shop to the bar and back bar. Many a guy's definition of going to church.

Mr. Flannery

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Debbie said...

Now that's a cool table.....some urban chic decorator will snatch that up soon I bet!