Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fabulous Victorian Birdcage

The grand opening at Gypsy Lea's has been good. My sales have been brisk. The customers have been excited by the concept and the merchandise. Kris and Gypsy have been nearly suicidal in their efforts to set and reset the shop. They were there at until three this morning resetting from Friday and setting Saturday.

I attended an auction a couple of miles west of Gypsy Lea's this afternoon. I bought a fabulous Victorian birdcage and a few other items. I brought them to the shop immediately, rather than taking them home and burying them in my black hole of inventory. The birdcage sold within an hour of coming into the shop. I was thrilled.

Mr. Flannery


SueB said...

Oh would have never made it to Jami's with that if I were there. I just love it.

Debbie said...

Sue....if I'd been there you would've had to fight me for it! :) That is just lovely!


SueB said...

ah but Deb I whine much better than you do lololol