Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Opening Night Jitters

It has been a couple of very late nights getting set up for the Grand Opening at Gypsy Lea's. The space is beautiful, but almost cavernous. We keep bringing in more and more inventory and spaces and holes continue to open. Yesterday I brought in three large totes filled with old books. That is enough books for my space at the Porch with two totes left over. I placed the books in some of the spaces and Gypsy Lea asked me when I was going to bring in the books that I had promised?

We have 15-16 large hanging light fixtures, including the 6 hanging church lights that I pictured earlier. Yet this morning I am rewiring 3 large school house lights because more light for accent and to fill the dark spaces around big furniture is now needed. I also want to bring at least four or five table lamps and a couple of floor lamps. It is an amazing space. Kris and I hung paintings, prints, piano keyboards. guitars. autoharps, saxophones and various organ parts (non-organic) along one wall. We now refer to the space as the music room. All it needs now is the tuba and accordion that I have already loaded into my truck for today's venture north.

The St. Cloud Times, which is a daily newspaper, is sending a reporter and photographer to the shop tomorrow. They are hoping to have a little article about the place in the Thursday morning paper to coincide with the opening. Gypsy Lea is very excited about the extra exposure.

The new memory stick for my camera arrived yesterday. It did not resolve the problem. I think that a piece of the plastic frame from the old stick is lodged in the camera and prevents the new one from seating properly. I have started disassembly of the camera, but now I need a very small screw driver to complete the mission. I have dug out my old camera and will attempt to take some pictures of the new shop today. I will probably just incorporate them with this blog.

Anyway it is an exciting time for a new shop. We are all hoping that a new location, where the occasional sale concept hasn't been attempted, will be accepted. The building and the contents are very interesting. So let there be CUSTOMERS.

Mr. Flannery

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