Friday, May 23, 2008

Does not take directions or work well with others.

I attended one of my favorite auctions last night, Dave Miller's in St. Cloud. He has been having auctions on Friday evenings for years. Well, he has now changed to Thursday evenings for the summer and completely disoriented my social calendar. When I complained, he mumbled something about having his own life and me getting my own life. He was not sympathetic to my plight at all. I have to adjust my entire TV watching schedule (and I have no idea if there is anything decent on the History Channel on Fridays). I spent the entire day today thinking that it was Saturday (so now I will have to Groundhog Day like revisit Saturday again tomorrow). Getting old, set in my ways and having no real life have finally caught up with me. I guess that I'll pop my beer for the month and contemplate cutting off the rotten part of a door that has 11 million nails in it holding the pieces together. Maybe the fireworks of a screaming saw blade hitting rusted iron will add a spark to my day.

Mr. Flannery

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Flannery,
I have read some of your blogs with great interest - it's amazing what a man can do with junk without the opinions of a woman! Good luck with your sales.