Friday, November 6, 2009

Another View of Second Hand Rose

I stopped by Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota. Buffalo is a city of about 13,000 people about 40 miles north and west of Minneapolis. Rose also said that I should have been there on Thursday because the spaces were quite depleted.

Entrance from Rose's new private cul-de-sac.

Rose, a little tired after the 2nd day, still is shuffling and resetting merchandise.

One of my favorites is this carved cross.

The seldom seen, silver painted Hoosier cabinet.

Rose setting up the bar?

One of 2 great sets of lockers.

The other set of lockers.

Some of Kris' stuff in the kitchen.


I like the pump organ parts turned into shutters, quite cymbalic.

And a partridge in a gear wheel.

Boat wheel and cowling is very cool.

Oh deer!

Mr. Flannery


SecondhandKris said...

Thursday was an absolutely INCREDIBLE day at Rose's!!!! It was soooo busy - we didn't get a chance to breathe until about 2pm when we had about a 15 minute lull - and then it started all over again!! Bless our customers - they are the greatest!

red.neck chic said...

Oh punny man...I wish I was there!!! I'd be hauling the lockers out as fast as I could! The cross is gorgeous!!! I like the green first-aid box on top of the lockers. It all of it looks so fun! Hope ya'll have a HUGELY successful week-end and stay super busy!!!

;) robelyn