Monday, November 9, 2009

I Love the Digital Camera

I love my digital camera. About a year ago I bought a Sony A100 SLR camera. It was on close-out at Walmart because it had been supplanted by an even more exciting camera model. I put a 1 gig compact flash card in it and was ready to go. I determined that I had enough memory to discharge the battery before the flash card will be filled. Now I can shoot and shoot and shoot. I take the camera with me, take fabulous photos, transfer the photos to the computer and am ready to shoot again. I can shoot photos, edit the photos and post them on my blog in the matter of hours. I love the costs, the speed and am in awe of the technology.

I grew up in the Kodak generation. Photos were slow and costly to develop. I probably still have some undeveloped film from the 70's that I never got to the drug store for processing. I remember my tech savey uncle having an early Polaroid camera. The grainy, slightly out of focus and out of color prints were ready in only a few minutes. The film was so expensive and the quality so poor that my Dad was sure that his goofy brother was only wasting his money.

Every time I shoot 40-50 photos, knowing that some will not turn out, I remember the costs and hassles from an earlier time. I really appreciate my digital camera. Now I just need to learn more about my editing program.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

Ah....cameras...I'm working hard on trying to get the whole "photography" thing down pat. LOL I have an olympus digital camera, but for Christmas I'm going to get myself a canon. Less buttons and confusing settings, same quality of picture...and a lot lighter! The one I have now is HEAVY! And it has all of these gadgets and doo-hickeys that do nothing but leave me staring wide-eyed at it all! I take 100 pictures just to get ONE that MIGHT be okay...maybe! Ha! I also have an old 60's style camera on the way (using film of course!)that I am excited about - I kind of miss the excitement of going to pick up pictures (while your hearts about to pound out of your chest, wondering if ANY of them turned out good!)! But I am just going to use it on the things I want to look "grainy" and "vintagy". Old film is fun to attach on a lamp shade frame!!! After you paint the lamp with auto paint of course...

;-)Either way - I like your pictures and am glad you are taking them!!!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Digital is amazing. I'll admit, I didn't appreciate editing until very recently. My photographer savvy boyfriend has it all down. I am still learning. Have fun and keep on clicking! ~Mindy