Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So You Want More Painted Furniture?

Gypsy always has a problem with my penchant for brown stained wood furniture. I just don't like to paint and I really don't think much of painting good wood furniture. While Gypsy will concede that "good" wood furniture should not be painted, our definition of where the good line runs may be a little divergent. For years I had a rule about refurbishing furniture. "Nothing more than Old English". Well such a mantra does not really meld well with the shabotage ethos. I readily admit that painted furniture sells well at Gypsy Lea's. I have even painted some pieces to make them more saleable.

Well in the midst of our discussions I have found the ultimately painted chair. I didn't paint it. (That would require much more talent than I possess). But this chair is part of my load being assembled for transport to Gypsy Lea's.

Babe and Simon have to be in the picture.

Some other boxes ready to go. (Note the two auto paint lamps).

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said... has taken me MANY years to get over my fear of painting over nice a matter of fact, I just conquered it in the past year or so (but it still give me shivers when wielding the brush or spray can!)! I ADORE the look and feel of stained wood when you can trace the grain with your fingertips - and it seems to have such a story to tell!

That is one heck of a chair though!!! Did Babe or Simon decide it was THEIR chair at any point?

I do work with fur and feathers as well as duct do those hold up in antarctic like temps?



Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh my gosh, that is some paint job...that had to take a looot of time.
to paint or not to paint???? For me it depends on the item. A good antique? probly not. anything else is fair game :)

Broken China Treasures said...

That pic of Babe and Simon is hilarious! Here's what I think they're thinking:

Babe: I don't know what it is, but I know it's camoflauged and will move any minute. I'm ready to attack.

Simon: Ssssiiiiggghhhh ~ Silly Babe ~ you need to chill...

I'm the same way about paint & furniture. Got a few pieces that were passed down to me that I'm tempted to paint but just can't do it......yet. Maybe soon.