Friday, November 13, 2009

I Just Couldn't Help Myself

I just couldn't help myself. I left my meeting in St. Paul and instead of driving back to Flannery Bay, I just had to go to Gypsy Lea's in Sauk Rapids. Now I was worried that poor Babe, my Labrador, was standing cross-legged at the door of the house, but I just had to go to the shop to see how things were going. So 75 minutes and 73 miles through metro area traffic later, I pulled up in Sauk Rapids. I have to wear a coat and tie for my real job, so I sauntered into the shop all spiffed up, not in my normal jeans or overalls. Gypsy, Kate, Linda P. and Donna were all surprised to see me.

Earlier I had determined that Kate was the preparer of the naughty and nice list where I was slanderously listed as "naughty", so I snubbed her. Unfortunately, I don't think that had any impact on her and may have even been her preferred outcome, not wanting to associate with the naughty. I gave her a verbal shot, she shot back and we all had a very good laugh.

The place looked considerably more open that it was on Tuesday. Gypsy told me that Thursday was the best day ever in the 18 month history of Gypsy Lea's. I sold lots. So many smalls were sold that I need to bring more things in tomorrow.

I checked things out, took my abuse from Kate and then headed home. Babe was standing at the door tapping his foot and questioning were I had been all day. He did a few outside, inside, outside, inside trips and then forgave me for abandoning him.

I get to work at the shop Saturday and Sunday. I hope to get some more photos while I'm there. We are all thankful that our business is still growing, even in the tough times we are all facing.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

Ha! You have to have SOME fun after a hard day at the office!!! I think Kate is probably the wise one... she knew where your name belonged... hee-hee

Glad you are having such a wonderful sale!!! Congratulations!!! I've got my own toe tappin' waiting for the pictures....

;-) Robelyn

SecondhandKris said...

It was Kate's idea to do a naughty and nice list - she and I took stock of everyone at the shop and decided that you and Jami were definitely the naughtiest - and that she, Brooklyn and I were MOST CERTAINLY the nicest!!! And so I dug out my chalk from my trusty chalk box that is always in my van and wrote the list!!