Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flying Stuff

The occasional sale at Gypsy Lea's has been wonderful. I got to the shop at about 10 AM Saturday and did nothing but write up sales continuously until after 2 PM and Denny was writing all of that time too. Kris, Kim D., Pete J. and Gypsy spent most of the afternoon hauling more stuff out of our trucks and the storage space in the shop.

Our hand made candy has been a roaring success.

This corner, above the jewelry counter has been changed and reset at least three times since Thursday.

And this is the 3rd or 4th dresser to occupy this floor space.

I sold a nice Buffalo plaid wool jacket and a great
Hudson Bay blanket coat.

Mike likes to clean and refurbish hand powered post drills like this one.

And even the faux logs in the fireplace look comforting.

Mr. Flannery

UPDATE - I worked all day Sunday at Gypsy Lea's. It was another good day for all of us at the shop. I did a rough total on sales before I left and it was the best Sunday in our short (18 month) history. Big pieces, furniture, mirrors and anything Christmas was flying out the door. Some photos and a note on our special sale on next weekend tomorrow.

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red.neck chic said...

I am SO glad your sale was a huge success!!! It can only go up from here! I love the photos! Right now I could very happily be planted in front of the faux logs with a good book! Oh, and some of the homemade candy!

Special sale? Hmm... you have my toe tappin' once more...

;-) Happy Monday!!!