Monday, November 9, 2009

Locker Dancing

Last week I sold two locker units to Kris and Mike before I loaded them into Gypsy Lea's. Mike incorporated his unit into his small workshop. However, the unit Kris wanted was too large for the space available in her house. Mike called me today to see if I wanted the unit back. I did. I went to their house and decided to paint the unit there without further locker dancing.

Mike and Kris discussing the design for a custom made fireplace mantle.

The returned locker unit. It is from a bowling alley so the lockers are large enough for a bowling bowl and shoes.

Another BEFORE photo. In front of Mike's little shop.

I painted the lockers with the same spray that I used on the home made ladder. I taped off the numbers and started spraying. Mike was so disgusted with my spraying style that he took over and painted it for me. (Do you remember Tom Sawyer painting a fence?) It is now a beautiful red and will be transported to Gypsy Lea's tomorrow. (AFTER photos tomorrow). I then went to Gypsy's to take some more photos and to price a tote of smalls that I forgot to price.

Some Random Photo's

My auto body paint lamp.

Do you remember this painted chair?


The pins have moved again.

Mr. Flannery

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red.neck chic said...

I keep peeking out the window to see if you danced those bad boys to Texas, but have not yet arrived. I'll give you some more time since you ARE so far away...

All of it looks so perfect!!! I could get lost in the shop for days - somebody would have to send a search party in for me!!! I had to go re-set my bowling pins last night 'cause of the inspiration!!! Thanks!

Now, I'm going back to look out my window for some lockers...

;-) Robelyn