Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gypsy Lea's is Lookin' Good

Gypsy, Kris, Donna, Kate and I spent a large part of today getting the shop set up for the sale that starts next Thursday. It was a regular furniture ho down with furniture dancing everywhere. We are probably 75% done, but things are still moving around. We try to keep the smalls out until we have the furniture in place. So there is still an entire layer of smalls to smear over the tentative furniture set up.

Window shoppers were everywhere today.

My tuba and iron fence.

Donna lifting and hoisting.

My cog table.

Original Mame poster and my red ladder.

These benches are elegant.

My china cabinet (in brown). bahhhh!

Gypsy polka-ing.

Tables over tables next to tables.

Great buffet in greenish brown paint.

More photos from the final set-up tomorrow. With most of the smalls and a bunch of Christmas to be added.
Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

I'm laughing...a tuba? You have a tuba?!!? That is WAY too fun - how can you sell it? LOLOLOL The little red chest on top of the black cabinet...yum!!!

It ALL looks so fun! Keep the pictures comin' - don't work too hard! I'm off to the races...I wonder if there's a tuba there?

;) robelyn

Marge said...

Even without the smalls, it makes me want to be there! BTW, I am impressed with and enjoying your frequent posting. Please keep it up!

Jaybird said...

How come I never see a tuba when I am junking???? We really need a tuba!
Great pictures, thanks for all of your hard work!