Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hunting Junk and Hunting Deer

Deer hunting season opened this weekend here on the tundra. The weather was definitely not tundra-like, high of 63* on Saturday and 58* on Sunday. I was awoken this morning by the sound of gunshots. The cats couldn't care less. Babe was interested and enthused by the sounds. He has never hunted, but I guess that response is bred into a Labrador. On the way to Gypsy Lea's later, there was a 12 point buck on a trailer next to the 4 wheeler. They got their trophy by 10 AM. I don't hunt animals, but appreciate anything to thin the herd. It seems that Ford is the only natural enemy of deer that remains, and that is a very expensive way to harvest the excess. I have often said that junkin's much like hunting, the shooting is great but I could do without the cleaning and cooking.

We spent most of the day setting things at Gypsy Lea's and it is looking better every hour. Gypsy, Kate, Kim and I worked there today and Kris and Gypsy are going to pull a late shift to Christmas it up. Kris was in Buffalo at Second Hand Rose today and said that it was a very good sale. We are hoping that the shopping excitement moves north to Sauk Rapids next weekend.

My chicken brooder with a mirror set inside.

A Japanese slot machine. And it works.

A better photo w/ the flash.

Festive bowling pins?
Kris' Rocket Sled.

Heavy glass candy like ornaments.

Kate and Kim took on the "other" room.

This set up had changed before I left a couple of hours later.

I asked Kate and Kim to give me a "Price is Right" pose.
They are modeling the new hats.

New group of wool hats hand made from old sweater material by one of our new dealers.

Hog vases.

Corona Junior typewriter.

General store cracker box cover.

Kris' dinnerware in cupboard.

I'll try to get more photos before the sale starts.

Mr. Flannery


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great pictures Mr. Flannery...Wait til you see it now! It's midnight and the gals are still out there "fluffing and tweaking"! I am SO excited for the Nov sale!

SecondhandKris said...

Whoa baby - it is Christmas now!!!! And the front entrance is all sparkly and silvery! We left about 2am and still have a little way to go - be back on Tuesday fluffing and greenifying!!

red.neck chic said...

Oh...I you have to take pictures of sparkly and silvery!!! That's the funnest part!!! Sparkles - yum!!! You're just taunting me with the pictures of the red chest of drawers now, aren't you. Uh huh, I see how you roll...speaking of, LOVE the old wheels!!! haha!!!

;) Robelyn