Sunday, January 31, 2010

At Least There Was an Auction

There has been a long freeze on auctions here on the tundra. Its been almost two weeks since I have been to one. Now that doesn't sound like much to most of you but during prime auction season I have been known to attend as many as 5 auctions in a week and I even have been to 5 on a busy weekend.

Dave Miller had an auction in St. Cloud yesterday. I like to go to his auctions so I am a regular. Well it seems that yesterday's auction was the only auction in the entire upper Midwest. I usually know more than 1/2 of the people at a Miller auction and have seen most of the others. Well we forgot to close the doors and get the security checks in place yesterday. The parking lot was full and there were even trucks with South Dakota and Wisconsin plates. All these strangers were at my auction. And they apparently didn't know that they weren't suppose to bring too much money with them. Prices were terrible (for me, excellent for the seller). I just couldn't bid more than retail on most of the items.

I took some random photos of the merchandise and the auction.

I bought these two New Home cast iron pieces. I think that I'll mount them on the wall at Gypsy Lea's for the next sale. Maybe someone will need a house warming gift.
Mr. Flannery's tracks. I had to put down my can of Diet Coke to take this photo.
Dave & Eric extolling the virtues of a railroad lantern. It was marked NYC which they could not decipher. Its from the New York Central Railroad.
This was one of my two favorite items. A wire shopping basket with coffee advertising. One of my fellow dealers bid on it, so I let her have it. I'm just too much of a softie.
Kris really liked this bird cage and the pin ball game next to it. See bought the game but the cage flew the coop.
This is my favorite piece. A Setchell-Carlson radio. I quit bidding at $100. It sold to some stranger for $110.
Kris bought these books in a lot with some other cool items. The red fire helmet is one of hers too. I was on the other side of the room bidding on it and Dave, the auctioneer, said that I may want to look at the other bidder. I let Kris buy the helmet.

Overall it was fun to get out of the house. It was fun to attend an auction. It was fun to get a few fun items. And it was unfun to have all these monied strangers goofing up my auction.
Mr. Flannery


AngelMc said...

That radio would have probably come home with me....depending on how close it was to payday....

red.neck chic said...

Okay - I have no money so can I come to the auction? LOLOL

I love LOVE the wire basket with the coffee ad!!! Just think of the fun things that can hold!!!

Mainly - glad you're back in the auction saddle!!!

;-) robelyn