Friday, January 1, 2010

Finally an Auction

Its been a long holiday season. No auctions for me in a couple of weeks. I can feel the grips of cold turkey withdrawal clawing at me. But everything changes this weekend. There is an auction at Dave Miller's on Saturday. There isn't anything special in the auction bill, but I'm sure that I will find at least a bauble or two to bid on. Then there is another very good looking auction on Sunday. It will be held in Annandale, just a 4 mile hop down the road from Flannery Bay. So this pain of withdrawal should be relieved by Sunday night.

Mr. Flannery

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red.neck chic said...

Hmmmm..... sounds to me like you are starting the New Year in the perfect way. LOL I can't wait to see what you haul back to Flannery Bay!

;-) robelyn