Friday, January 8, 2010


A couple of months ago I skinned an old sofa and chair and sent the hides to Robelyn at red.neck.chic. I got a great blog out of the story and a line of purses from RNC named Hogerific. The sofa was a 1920's style with maroon mohair skins.

Well I got my better than just desserts from that hide shipment. RNC sent me a super wrapped present.

The contents were beautifully wrapped in duct tape. What else?

The pillow, made with the sent hides, includes a State of Texas buckle.

The back of the pillow includes the "Do Not Remove" tag.

The pillow has a place of honor in my sun room.

Thanks a lot Robelyn.

Mr. Flannery


Six divided by two..... said...

That Robelyn is sooo talented. I love your pillows.

SecondhandKris said...

So glad we finally get to see the pillow!!! LOVE the Texas touch!

terry5732 said...

For a second I thought you were gonna start carrying a purse

red.neck chic said...

That was so fun to make for you!!! I had to find the perfect piece of Texas to send up North! And I'm still crankin' out "Hogerific" bags down here!!! I'm taking you to Ft. Worth with me in March - are you packed and ready to go? ;-)

Thank You for the place of honor!!! I like how warm it is there. LOLOL

;-) Have a fantastic Sunday!!!

Mr. Flannery said...

RNC - Its -2* right now. Warm wave coming. May make above freezing here my Thursday.

I've never been to Ft. Worth, do I need my tux or just mt s**t kickers?

red.neck chic said...

Well... we are going to be representin' - and since we are gonna be red.neck chic I'm thinkin'... tux AND s**t kickers... AND don't forget your goggles!

;-) Stay warm!!!

Jaybird said...

That is a purty pillow!! That RNC done run off with someamy curtain fabric again I see!! I'm shore glad she sent it on to you!! She is a whimdizzer with that ther sewin' machine!