Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Real Auction Find

I had a good time at the two auctions this weekend. On Saturday I bought a couple of 10 candle floor candelabras, two huge metal and glass candle stands and a super tile top metal table. I brought them into Gypsy Lea's on the way home. It is really satisfying to get things into the shop without making an intermediate stop in the bottomless pit of my storage.

Today I went to a second auction. There were a bunch of interesting items, but most looked like stuff I already had. It was like my storage, only in much better order. Cindy, the seller, is a dealer at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo. I run into her regularly at auctions through out this area. We have a kind of detente where we take turns bidding on things. It seems that our tastes are very similar.

There were a few items from a second consignor. I bought a enamel porcelain floor standing bubble drinking fountain from an old school. It is a wonderful piece and the only one that I've encountered in many, many auctions. Cindy liked it a lot too. It was from the other consignor.

I bought a huge, primitive wardrobe, painted up to look Pennsylvania Dutch or similar German type decorations. I think that it is an Eastern European fantasy piece made of mostly old pieces and made to look old. It is pretty cool and I will set it up at Gypsy's this month. Cindy said that it all folds down into a pile of pieces. I decided to move it nearer the door for pick-up tomorrow. I pushed, the top moved and 1/2 the boards collapsed onto the floor. It seems that disassembly is a lot easier than I thought. So there is a pile of pieces on the floor of the auction shed awaiting pick-up tomorrow.

I will try to get some pictures tomorrow.

Mr. Flannery

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