Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Cool at GYPSY LEA'S

Great items at Gypsy Lea's and some of them are even Hogs.

I really like my floor standing drinking fountain.

And my vintage cupboard (not sure of the vintage).

The sale at Gypsy Lea's this week is going to be real cool. Not because it is -24* here on the tundra (in fact we may go above freezing tomorrow) but because of the great stuff that we have for sale. I am really impressed with some of the good junk that came in during the past week.

This vignette reminds me of those mop commercials. Baby come back ...

Mr. Flannery


Anonymous said...

Mr. Flannery, Is the wardrobe hand painted? What does it look like inside?
Is there a price on this one? Measurements? -Annemarie

red.neck chic said...

I LOVE that commercial!!! I will stop whatever I'm doing to sing along - and I laugh EVERY.SINGLE.TIME that they do the "drive by" one. LOLOLOL

The red chest is GORGEOUSNESS and your drinking fountain is so cool!!! All of it looks so pretty - I know ya'll are going to have a fantastic sale!!!

;-) robelyn