Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Short Visit from Mr. Murphy

The work on my office spectacular has reached the Mr. Murphy phase. You remember Murphy. He promulgated Murphy's law. And he decided that he needed to visit me today.

When I had the new satellite boxes installed a couple of weeks ago I planned ahead. I had the technician bore a hole in the floor that avoided the in-floor heating system and was large enough to run an HDMI cable later. Well today was later and I started to run the cable. I started to push the cable end thought the hole and it was just barely too small. I fiddled and finagled the end. I shave off some of the extra plastic on the end. (Cutting a small piece out of my finger in the process and splashing blood on my clothes). It still wouldn't fit. So I had to make the hole a little bigger. Of course the drill wasn't charged so I had to find the charger and let it juice up. Then I had to get find a paddle bit to expand the hole. Out to the garage for a search. (It was only -9* when I went out there to rummage through the tool drawers). I found one, not the largest one, but one that will work.

Now the bit is too small to bore a hole for the HDMI end. And the spacing between the heating tubes was restricting the drilling location. So I decided to drill on the edge of the existing hole making one larger hole. Things were working well. The bit went though the rock hard 90 year old maple flooring and started into the softer under flooring. Then the bit hopped. When it jumped to the right, it cut right into the cable that was already in the existing hole. Out goes my satellite feed. Damn, damn, damn! And besides, the hole is still too small to feed the HDMI cable through the underfloor. So now I have to expand the hole, fix the satellite cable and oh did I mention that when I cut down the cable end (and my finger) I stepped on the other end and mashed the cable?

Its OK, I vacuumed up the wood chips

And I spliced the cable.

I found a second HDMI cable and started my run. Well, I got to the living room and the hole there was too small too. Being no fool I decided that a 2nd hole away from all other cables was the way to go. I drilled up from the basement, twice and had a hole big enough for the cable end. (I also got a face and head full of wood chips from boring directly overhead). So the cable is TOO short. I added another cable and it disconnected at the coupling every time I tugged a little bit. Finally its done. I check the connections, everything's OK. I turn on the HDTV with the new feed. Nothing! The damn thing doesn't work. Now I have to start over. A day of frustration and no progress. Damn Murphy, find somewhere else to roost tomorrow.

Mr. Flannery


terry5732 said...

Charge those batteries!

Never leave the drill sit discharged

As soon as your done using it, before you kiss the dog, put the bat on the charger

None of this would have happened had you not abused the batteries

AngelMc said...

This what I call a "things are not working out for me" day. Which comes from a movie I once saw about gansters, which was an understatement, because he had been shot, separated from his gang, wrecked his car and ran out of ammunition.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I swear, this is me on any given day. I have a great sense of humor. It would seem that you do, too. Well, I was laughing with you, I hope! ~Mindy

red.neck chic said...


I have no words of wisdom for you except maybe put your goggles on when you drill from up above again? I dunno - but I am glad Mr. Murphy goes to visit other people too...

Good Luck!!! I hope all is going well!!!

;-) robelyn

Jaybird said...

hmmmmmmmmm.....don't send Mr. M. down here, we already have RNC!!! :^)
I'm sorry you had all sorts of problems, but the end result is one that you will enjoy!!
Stay warm, and hugs to Babe too!