Thursday, January 28, 2010

Views at Flannery Bay

My house on Flannery Bay is frozen into the -10* tundra tonight. I have a sunroom with 24 foot ceilings and 46 windows, including 2 huge stained glass windows from a seafarers' Methodist Church in Duluth, facing the lake. Here are three almost random views from the sunroom showing features of the house.

I use this table as a sofa table. It is solid oak with barley twist legs. The neat thing about it is that the top opens up and slides to the center. It becomes a regular size dining table. Perfect when I need more seating for a 24 person formal sit down dinner that I will never have.

There is a walkway across to the guest bedroom between and above the small dining room and the large sunroom. The rail on one side has to be solid because it covers the truss that supports the walkway and attached bedroom. I put a real horse blanket on it in a decorating binge many years ago. Sometime later I put an old saddle on the blanket. Some of my jardinieres frame the horse motif.

The bedroom at the other end of the horse blanket walkway has three stained glass windows that open like French doors. The stained glass windows are from the now demolished 1905 girl's dormitory at St. Theresa's College in Winona, Minnesota. There are three more windows that match these at other points nearby.

I really liked rebuilding my house. I was able to incorporate a number of antique stained glass windows and other architectural antiques into the design. I will do similar incorporations if I ever build another place.

Mr. Flannery


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

More! More! I am loving the sound of all those windows. Stay warm! ~Mindy

red.neck chic said...

Uhmmmm.... I moving in. LOLOL

Oh my gosh - just the THOUGHT of all of those windows has me drooling - give me some light!!! I love the "french door" windows - and your table is gorgeous!!! I have place settings for that big of a dinner party... they would fit perfectly in with your dinner party. ha HA!

Happy Friday!!!
;-) robelyn

Jaybird said...

Hey you guys, I'm the only one that regularly has dinners for 25 or 30 people...I'm the one who needs the dishes AND the table!!!
Mr. F., I love the pictures of your is beautiful. I'm with Mindy...more, more!!
Thanks for posting.