Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally a New Sofa

Finally I have replaced the sun faded 1930's maroon sculptured mohair sofa and matchingly dilapidated chair in my sunroom. I bought this very nice brown with red and bluish gray highlights sofa and a matching chair and ottoman. I got it at Dave Miller's auction today. I have already put them in place in my sunroom and have the old pieces in the trailer ready for a trip to the burn pile. (I did all of this sofa dancing solo).

Burt likes the new chair.

I also bought this wonderful stained glass door china cabinet. I have to replace two cracked glass pieces, but I will be able to just bring the door into the stained glass shop in Buffalo, MN for the repair.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

Dear Mr. Sofa Dancer - it looks so comfortable! Burt's a wise kitty! Your leather chair is GORGEOUS! And the clock on your coffee table is gorgeous!

Love the whole room!

;-) robelyn

Andry said...

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