Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quack, Quack and there Ain't No Ducks

{open template} I went to two auctions today. I bought a bunch of good junk. My favorite {close template} pieces are these two 1930's electro-magnetic medical devices. Can we say QUACK QUACK? They came complete with all the paddles, plugs and headphones necessary to work miraculous cures. I really like all the Frankenstein like dials and gages.

I got this nice fir (not fur RNC) footlocker

My neighbors put part of their purchases to immediate wardrobe use.

The first auction was about 45 miles from Flannery Bay. Mostly farm stuff and outside in the damp. Lots of people had trod much of the dirt driveway and yard into a pancake batter like mud. I bid on a fanning mill for Kris, but it went for more than I wanted to pay. The lovely people there had double parked me into my space so I had to wait for some idiot to respond to the auctioneer's request to move his truck. BAHHHHH!

There was a second junk auction by one of my least favorite auctioneers on the way back home. That's were I bought the quack medical devices and the trunk. (And sat next to the fashionable ladies). I bought a couple other items including 2 wire wreath stands from a funeral home (but very usable on a porch at Christmas time) and a home made ladder that I will paint red tomorrow. I also bought a great womans seal fur coat trimmed with mink, 1920's style (any ideas for removing substantial moth ball smell from the coat?); a metal floor lamp (visible behind the purple hatted lady); a 1950's portable typewriter; and a stack of old galvanized pails. There was a half a hay rack stacked with boxes and boxes full of fabric, but I know nothing of such matter, so I did not even contemplate a purchase, even though the last 20+ boxes sold for $1 (yep - that's 5 cents per box).

All in all it was a pretty good day. And now I will have fun with my faux medical career. Maybe I'll offer a free buzz to any trick or treaters who show here at Flannery Bay.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

Quack needed in ER - STAT!!! The redneck girl is suffering from HEART FAILURE due to the fact that Mr. Flannery (the auction guru!) passed up boxes and boxes of fabric!!! Oh my gosh - she just thought about it again...Frankenstein - HELP! I think she's suffering from a fabric related flat-line!!! EEEEEEEK!!!!

Okay, the 1920's coat...grab up a rubber maid container, fill the bottom full of wadded up newspaper from this morning, put the coat in, then add in tomorrow's newspaper, plop the top on and let it sit for a couple of weeks - you should be good to go! When that's done send it to me. LOL

I like your new gadgets!!! So glad you have them 'cause I'm going back into fabric flat-line...



Mr. Flannery said...

BZZZZZZZZ - ZAP !!!! Either resusitation for RNC or a bug zapper in full glory.

Jaybird said...

Hang that coat outside...fresh air will make fresh hair :^)