Friday, October 16, 2009

Move on Through the eBay Room

The weather on the tundra has been abysmal. Rain -- cold -- and dark. Heavy, enshrouding black and charcoal gray skies block the sun and emphasize the bleakness of the daytime. It will rain hard, drizzle or threaten to rain. The temperatures will vary from 32* all the way up to 34*. The damp and cold penetrate your clothes, your bones and maybe into your soul. I wanted to stay in bed and watch TV - sleep all day.

I didn't. I couldn't move items from garage to new storage because of the rain. So I decided to attack my "eBay room". The eBay room is a spare back bedroom on the 1st floor. Originally decked out as a guest room I changed it into an office, computer, packing and shipping room 12 years ago when I started selling on eBay. I have a huge oak plaintiff's table from the courtroom in the old Itasca County Courthouse. It has a great 3ft by 8ft work surface. I have stacked wire racks on the back of the table and have 4 3ft by 7ft by 18in Sam's Club black wire racks stuffed with "inventory". Well that worked well for a while, but soon inventory overwhelmed functionality. I have boxes and trays of inventory and stacks of packing materials everywhere.

So today I launched an attack on the STUFF. I have been carrying boxes out of the eBay room into the kitchen, dining room, sun room and stacking boxes for exit to the truck near the entryway. Babe and the cats have been inspecting every load. And at least one cat has crawled into every empty box that has appeared. I have sorted, piled into boxes for the shop, boxes for the new storage, boxes for Goodwill and empty boxes for the burn pile. I have spent a better part of the day on this evacuation and only been able to get about 1/2 way through the STUFF.

There is a lot of good stuff, many books (there's a surprise), lots of ephemera, too many yelloware bowls and other items. I want to haul a truck full to the new storage first thing in the morning (while on my way to another auction - Damn! I'm hopeless). Things are slowly getting better, but the question still remains - will all this stuff ultimately be an estate problem or will I get done before I die?

Mr. Flannery

PS - I never finished the floors in the eBay room. I have had a nice Oriental rug in place on top of the painted plywood floors. I found some cool interlocking 2ft x 2ft exercise tiles at Mills Fleet Farm that just may finish the project. The tiles are about 1/2 inch thick and slightly padded for use in the exercise room. They have a jigsaw puzzle interlocking system. It is going to make for a very interesting full room floor covering. I will be able to lay the floor myself as soon as the STUFF is evacuated. I am so pleased. Pictures to follow. (SOME DAY)!


red.neck chic said...

Ah....the accumulation of STUFF...the never ending battle with STUFF...STUFF taking over your whole entire house, outhouses, vehicles - additional storage units...

Don't you love digging through your STUFF though? Kind of like Christmas! Did you find lots of cool things that you forgot you had? Not that that ever happens to me...HA!!! I give you a high-five though - if it were me I would have walked into the room, looked around then TURNED around and walked back out. LOL I don't think there is enough shelving in the world for my stuff

I would hold the door for you though while you moved your stuff. ;)

Have fun at the auction - I wish you the BEST OF STUFF tomorrow! And your floor sounds nice and cushy - are they the multi-colored blocks? That would be a blast!

Stay dry and warm - shall I send you some of my sunshine?
:) robelyn

Broken China Treasures said...

Gee whiz what a stash you have there! It looks like you have a mosaic artist's paradise!!