Monday, October 26, 2009

A Small Log House

Leigh has built a log house on my lake about 3 miles south of here. The cabin is well traveled. It was originally assembled in Montana. Disassembled, it was shipped to Seattle and reassembled on the floor of the Seattle Civic Center for the Seattle Home Show. Leigh had a booth at the same show and talked with the log guys during slow periods. The house was disassembled and shipped back to Montana. After the show Leigh bought the house as used from the log guys. It was then shipped to Minnesota and reassembled on a lot she had purchased here.

The log house was the smallest model the log guys produced. In fact, it was too small to meet the minimum square footage requirements of the local building code. We had to design a shed dormer addition to the side of her cabin. The cabin sits high on its foundation on a 70 foot hill above the water. It has a tuck under garage and dynamite views of the lake.

The house and its decoration have been done on a shoe string and from a distance. Leigh's favorite place to shop for stuff for the cabin has been my garage. The house is very comfortable, very warm and very interestingly decorated. My next house may very well be log built.

Field stone fireplace in the shed addition.

Cement countertops on 100 year old oak store counters.

English oak wardrobe used as a hall closet.

Lots of tin signs.

Matching antique pine doors on barn door hangers between the bedroom and the fireplace. Headboard from the old Bluegill Cafe in Bagley, Minnesota.

The other end of the shed addition with door to the deck and antique slag glass lamp.

Vintage game boards on the side opposite Paynesville Grain & Feed sign.

A nice 5ft round oak table that we cut down to coffee table height.

The house is still a work in progress. The best thing is the fact you can put a nail anywhere without worrying about finding the stud.
Mr. Flannery

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