Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Trip to the Buffalo Nickel

My friend, Leigh, visited from Seattle this weekend. We have been friends since high school. She returns to Minnesota about every 6 weeks to spend time with her parents and we usually spend a day together. Today she wanted to do some antique shopping. So we visited my shop at Maple Lake Antiques, made a detour through Target and then stopped at the Buffalo Nickel. Its a big barn located just off Highway 55 in Buffalo, Minnesota. (Now if I was going to open a shop in Buffalo with my hogs I'd probably call it Buffalo Chips). The Nickel was just starting to get a hint of Christmas and one of Leigh's favorites, Tamara, has 3-4 booths in the Nickel.

Leigh looking at Santa in a box.

A huge 3 pronged hook in one of Tamara's spots.

Tamara's box of Snooker balls.

Tamara 2

Tamara 3.

Tamara 4.

A hanging chicken waterer. (You can hang the chicken or the waterer, I guess).

Writing on the mirror.

Great metal star with an Xmas bulb.

Lots of soft goods, wool jackets and such.

Kathy's cabin chic.

Half a boat.

A full size boat.

Skates, silver bells and a red chicken feeder.
I don't go to the Nickel or many of the other shops very often. Too close to retail for my tastes. But I did notice a real trend on this trip to the shops. Many more soft goods. Lots of clothes, linens, blankets and fabric. Many more smalls and fewer real antiques. Almost no antique store feel and no furniture store feel either. Not sure what to do with any of this information, but it is interesting to note.

Mr. Flannery

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Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

"Buffalo Chips" LOL LOL LOL ohhh Mr. Flannery you are a hoot !

Thanks for all the photos. I looove photo shopping.