Friday, October 9, 2009


The classic 1950's sitcom "The Many Loves of Dobbie Gillis" included an almost worthless beatnik sidekick Maynard G. Crebbs, played by a young Bob Denver (later of Gilligan fame). Whenever anyone would mention work to Maynard, he would respond with a high squeeky, questioning, fearful honk "work?!?!?!". Well I was watching the TV weather tonight and there is a possibility of snow here on the tundra. My only response was a Maynard-like snow!?!?!?

I helped my friend, the owner of the five guest cats at my house, pull her boat from the lake on Wednesday and place it into my field storage area. But I still have a dock and 2 boat lifts to pull from the lake, plus gutters to clean and leaves to rake. Damn, I hate winter. Give me some global warming.

Mr. Flannery

Update: Saturday morning from my front window.


red.neck chic said...

Dear Mr. Flannery...

I pull docks, boat lifts, clean gutters and rake lawns for even just the briefest sitings of snow (as long as I get to have a good old fashioned snow ball fight!)...AUGH! I'm jealous!!! We haven't been higher than 65 (or lower than 55) today deep in the heart of Texas and you would think we're smack in the middle of winter! Boots, coats and toboggans everywhere here (it's really pretty funny!) - and there you are with snow!

I have obviously been misplaced, I should be up North...

That is a gorgeous view from your front window!

:-) Robelyn

Mr. Flannery said...

Robelyn - Come on up anytime. I'm pretty sure that a good shot of -20* will cure you of any interest in the tundra.

red.neck chic said...

I'm on my way - but I should warn you...the dose would take close to 20 years...I think I'm an eskimo. LOLOL