Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things Were Hopping at Gypsy Lea's

I was on the road for my real job on Thursday and Friday so I missed the first two days of our 4 day sale at Gypsy Lea's. Its been a wonderful first two days. The occasional sale concept (being open only 4 days per month) has really generated a sense of excitement amongst our clientele. I stopped in the store on Saturday afternoon and the place was packed with shoppers. Thursday and Friday sales had been strong, many pieces had been carried out and many other items had been brought out from "the back". I could see some open spots and holes in the wonderful displays that had been generated. The afternoon was fabulous. Pieces were moving as fast as I could take photos. Kris, Kim, Donna and Gypsy were moving and resetting the entire time.

Great coffee table made from a chicken incubator.

Our mixture - traditional Martha Washington sewing cabinet on top of a multi-color dresser.

Jewelry counter filled with new, vintage and new from old parts BLING!

Linda's cabinet. SOLD

Mike's coffee table made from parts of a fanning mill. SOLD

My newel post.


My girlfriend Brooklyn Pearl (carried by her mother Katie).

Katie's fabulous cubby hole filing cupboard. SOLD

Kris bought 2 5 gallon buckets filled with heavy military order mirrors.

Kim's Red student lamp. SOLD


My c.1900 time clock.

Tin and Mirror in Vintage Window. SOLD

Some of our wonderful customers. These ladies brought wine and set up a drinking event, shared it with all comers. Not planned, not part of Gypsy Lea's, just part of the loyalty and fun that Gypsy is building at the shop.

Our latest item - new seller has hand made candies, including carmel apples. Started today and the cashew crunches were sold out before I even got there.

I am going to work again on Sunday. I have a couple more boxes of books and a few other items to bring in. Maybe I'll get some wine and a portion of a carmel apple.

Mr. Flannery

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