Wednesday, October 14, 2009

French Art Glass Torchieres - Not Your Average Junk

I had to make a real work trip into St. Paul today. (I have a real job to support this habit). I was upset by some of the other participants in the meeting because they kept blahhhing on when I had things to do and places to go. There was an auction at Hutchinson that started at 2:00 PM and there were things that I was interested in bidding on. On Tuesday I had called the auctioneer and he assured me that the torchiere lamps that I was interested in would not be sold until I got there. I left St. Paul, stopped at home to let Babe out and exchange my car for my pick-up. I got to the auction at about 3:15 and the lamps had not been sold.

The lamps are two French art glass globe bronze based art nouveau torchieres. The globes look kind of amber in color unlit, but are a ruby red with bluish veins when lit. The lamps are fabulous and I bought them. I paid more than I wanted to pay but less than the maximum I set before bidding started. I will be cleaning the globes and rewiring the lamps before they earn their place next to my fireplace.

I also bought this beautiful Royal Dux 4 handled vase for $35.
Mr. Flannery


Janice said...

Those lamps are fabulous and will look wonderful next to your fireplace!!! So glad you were able to get them!!

Marge said...

Great score on the lamps!

It's killing me to be missing the Red Barn sale today!

red.neck chic said...

Oh...those are GORGEOUS!!! I'm so glad they are going to find a new home next to your fireplace - and YAY for the auctioneer waiting until you got there!!! Pesky day jobs just seem to mess with the whole junking adventure don't they?

Have a good one!!! ;-)

terry5732 said...

He's gone foo foo