Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On-line Auctions - My New Hobby?

My trip to St. Paul produced a nostalgic journey into my past. The string seemed to pass through a long time Chinese restaurant in my old neighborhood. Of course, in following the string I had to partake in the all you can eat Chinese food. The fortune in my cookie was almost startling. I saved the fortune. It is unbelievable "Now is a good time for a new collection or hobby".

The new hobby may well be on-line auctions. Not national auctions such as eBay, but local auctions conducted only on the web. I have participated in 3 such auctions in the past two weeks. I drove 1/2 way into the Cities (Minneapolis-St.Paul for the uninitiated), to pick up my latest load.

This is my favorite piece. It is a huge, 14" diameter, Peters & Reed jardiniere. Made in South Zanesville Ohio c.1905. It has a wonderful stained brown glaze with large applied lions and other decoration. I have collected P&R for 25 years and this is the largest standard glaze (deep brown) piece I have ever seen in person. This piece will stay in my house, above the range of Babe's tail and outside of the cats' stomping grounds.

Newel posts, about 2 1/2 feet tall.

One of three boxes of stereoview cards. This is 50 cards of a trip through a Sears & Roebuck store in about 1910.
Wonderful wormy red cedar mantle. About 6 ft long.

Stained glass table lamp. Not old, but right price and nice look.

And my favorite piece for Gypsy Lea's. A gear motif table with a lazy Susan top.

Mr. Flannery, working on his new hobby (3 new auctions opened on-line tonight), Oh my!

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red.neck chic said...


So i can find you online in the wee hours of the morning now? LOL I'm going to have to find you some sort of therapy group for cyber auctions. You can sit on the couch and talk about your latest obsession oh - oops - hobby. HA!

That table is tooo cool! You're going to have to share a close up of some of the stereoview cards! My favorite artwork is blow-ups of some old ones I've picked up here and there! As for the bowl - that's about the purrrrrrfect size for a cat to curl up in...

Who'll give me one dollar?
One dollar bid, now two,
now two, will ya give me two?

;) robelyn