Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Need Some Upholstered Furniture

There appears to be a trend in our sales at Gypsy Lea's and Maple Lake Antiques. Upholstered furniture is hot. The same trend is showing up at auctions too. The chair that I used to buy for $5 and then sell for $10-15, is now unobtainable for $50. I deal in a lot of hard furniture, dressers, tables, cupboards, counters and it is nice to have a couch or side chair to soften the entire look. I have been selling every upholstered piece almost as soon as I bring it into the shop.

The competition at auctions and the desirability of such pieces in the shop may be related to the interest in decorating (redecorating - or in many of our cases, continuous sequential decorating) on a budget. Even with the economic downturn, a decent sofa at a furniture store will be more than a $1000. So a nice sofa, at a recycling shop for $200-$300 is one hell of a bargain.

I'm not sure what this posting means. I just wish I could find some upholstered furniture to class up and soften my displays.

Update: I stopped at a rare Sunday garage sale in Sauk Rapids on my way to Gypsy Lea's. Much to my surprise I bought a decent 1950's green couch and matching arm chair. I guess that whining sometimes helps.

Mr. Flannery


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

LOL ... I remember buying a lovely boudoir chair for 40. and a lady telling me she would get at least 300. for it in her shop. I dream.

hmmm I will have to do more whining and pouting, thanks for the tip !

red.neck chic said...

LOL my favorite to reupholster is footstools...and I can't keep them in stock! Do I ever pay more than $3.00 (or dumpster dive!) for 'em? Heck no...are they coming few and far between in my price range? Heck yeah...

I'll pout and whine with I have to go junkin' and curb shopping to see where that gets me...

:-) Happy Monday!