Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just What I Needed - Another Bowl

Let's see, I attended an auction today. I bought a bunch of great junk. My favorite piece is Red Wing Saffron Ware mixing bowl. (I may just turn this into a template, because it seems to be the introduction to many of my posts). This mixing bowl is pretty nice because it is marked, it is huge (12 inches in diameter), it is crazed and it is wonderfully stained. (And that may become a template to describe your correspondent).

I added this picture so I could show off one of my personally designed newel posts. It has four stained glass panels and is lit by a photo cell switch so it serves as a night light.

Mr. Flannery


terry5732 said...

I found an environment where you would be a very wealthy man with your bowls. I didn't quite catch the finish, but a Ransbottom sponge bowl from the '90s was at $160 the last I heard for sure. Earlier, your plain Jane no name type shoulder bowl with minor chips went for $60 there. Location, location, location.

red.neck chic said...

That bowl IS huge - but gorgeous!!! Just imagine all of the stuff that was mixed and served in it! Stains and "craziness" just add character in my opinion...or make you a character - either/or.

And I LOVE your newel post!!! That is gorgeous!!! You are quite the designer!


Jaybird said...

Great bowl, but I LOVE the post!! Wouldn't you like to visit Texas and craft one for us?? We are woodworkers, but NOT designers!!

Mr. Flannery said...

Jaybird -- My design skills are minimal. But I'd love to collaborate on a project. I can see many more things than I can do.