Saturday, October 3, 2009

We Always Have Fun at Dave Miller's Auctions

I went to my normal Thursday evening auction at Dave Miller's in St. Cloud. The auction staff are always entertaining and friendly. Its often one of the social highlights of my week. (Mr. Flannery doesn't get out much).

Dave and sil Dave selling

Its always fun to pop the bubble wrap

Friends Steve & Terry
in our Hog Pen Corner

One on my newest Hogs

My metal washbowl frame

Some of my game boards

I bought this 1880's coat hook
with mirror

thing-a-ma-gigs by the lot

The very patient Jan Miller
Mr. Flannery


ann at greenoak said...

dont ya just love little drawer units?? it looks like a real nice day at the a uction......cute little guy too.
.are you on facebook? lol...if so can we be friends? ..ann

Mr. Flannery said...

To Ann - Mr Flannery doesn't do Facebook. Too old to learn new social skills. However, if I was on Facebook I would be very happy to have you as my friend.

pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Glad to know you really have 'fun' at Dave Miller's Auctions! I wish I could get that 'fun' out of it myself. My problem is that I get out too much, I would enjoy just being able to spend a Thursday at home doing whatever it is that I want to do. :0) Deanna

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