Friday, October 30, 2009

Gypsy Lea's Prepares for Christmas

Its that time again. Time to get ready for our monthly sale at Gypsy Lea's. Our 4 days per month format generates a great deal of pressure for getting the store right for those four days. We have a wonderful space to fill, but it is limited. And we only have a small amount of back-up space where we can stash items until room appears on the floor. Gypsy, Kris and the other dealers have to set up to maximize sales and maximize WOW!

Unlike the traditional square footage individual booth shops, Gypsy Lea's has one cohesive display incorporating stuff from all the dealers through-out the store. This smearing and blending of everyone's creations shows our customers how everything can fit together. It strengthens everyone's presentation, but it also means that a bunch of coordinated effort at set up is required.

I have brought a few pieces into the shop already, but the majority of my items are here poised for transport to Sauk Rapids as space opens. I also have a mass of smalls to bring in this time. Much of my stuff will be Christmas themed or usable as a Christmas gift. Our November sale is our big Christmas event.

Ho-Ho-Ho and lets hope for a huge event.

Mr. Flannery

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red.neck chic said...

Load me up - I wanna go!!!

I hope you all have a HUGELY successful sale!!!

:) robelyn