Saturday, December 12, 2009

13 Days 'til Christmas

Two different views of the great one.
Mr. Flannery


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Hi Mr Flannery ! I have been away and am now trying to catch up.
Dear Mr. F ... I NEED, I MUST HAVE I WILL BE SOOO SAD IF I DO NOT GET 3 or 4 of the wonderful ball and stick arch spandrels. My house is telling me it really really wants them. Is that possible???? or do you want to sell them as a whole lot? Can we talk? If so please email me.
Thank you for the fabulous Christmas graphics.

red.neck chic said...

Those are both so pretty!!! The top one looks like he's deep in thought and the bottom one looks like he doesn't have a care in the world! I wonder what he has in his glass....

;-) Robelyn

SecondhandKris said...

I love the bottom one! He looks like a slightly drunken Skipper from Gilligan's Island!!!