Friday, December 4, 2009

Two Auction Thursday

I decided that I needed some more merchandise so I got into another on-line auction. This one involved the dissolution of some kind of retail store, but either it was a combination of a couple of businesses or the business model was very eclectic. I bought a couple of bolts of fabric, 5 spring clamps, 2 huge oak on casters display gondolas and 32 wonderful ball and stick arch spandrels. As usual, I filled my truck. Not to the point of being worried about driving under overpasses, but with great wind resistance.

I stopped in Buffalo, Minnesota for the occasional sales on the way home and took these photos of my truck. Now here is the sick part. I got home too late to unload the truck. So instead of foregoing Dave Miller's Auction, I parked the truck and drove my car to the 2nd auction. Now a fully loaded truck and a partially loaded car sit on my driveway awaiting my attention. The snow, she's a'comin', so I must unload this morning.
Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

LOLOL That's quiet a haul Mr. Flannery... I'm thinking (since I'm not there to help you unload) put Babe to work. The arch's are SO COOL!!! Oh my gosh - I'd knock down walls for those in my doorways! Then I could hang purses from 'em. LOL

Have fun!!! Be sure and catch a snowflake (not in your boxes of fun, but on the tip of your tongue!)!


Mr. Flannery said...

RNC -- I try not to walk around with my tongue hanging out. It may contribute to those rumors that I have been trying to stop.

red.neck chic said...

LOL really? I like to make tongues wag...keeps things interesting...

I've got my tongue hangin' out - I figure at SOME point the snow may fall (or I could get locked up...)

;-) robelyn