Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Do Like My TVssssssss

Well! Are you ready to commit me? I didn't feel well enough to drive to Gypsy Lea's for set up today, so I plotted my new office and bedroom TV/Monitor arrays. I have often admitted that I am crazy. Previously I had 13 TVs in the house connected to 4 different satellite and antenna signals. I just completely over did that system. I bought 2 small HDTVs on Black Friday and bought 2 more 32" HDTVs from Dell today. I also ordered 2 more satellite receivers with HD and Standard on each. I will now have 4 standard satellite feeds, 2 HD satellite feeds and an over the air antenna feed.

My office is going to be stupendous and/or stupefying. I will have 4 HD computer monitors, 2 standard TVs, a 20"HDTV and a 32" HDTV. The 2 HDTVs will also be connected to the computer (so if I want, I will be able to have my computer on 6 different monitors at the same time, each showing a different screen). Two of the 4 monitors will also be connected directly to the TV feeds (all of them) and all the monitors will be connected to TV by the computer.

My bedroom should be as strange. I will have 2 HDTVs (32" and 20"), and 4 standard TVs. Each will be connected to 4 standard TV feeds and an antenna feed. In addition, the HDTVs will be connected to 2 different satellite HD feeds. I will have DVDs and VCRs connected to all of the TVs and the computer connected to the 2 HDTVs.

I know that this is insanity but I routinely watch 2 TVs and work on the computer now. I just view this as even more variety with better pictures. It is Mr. Flannery's Christmas present to himself.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

LOLOLOL Merry Christmas (in HDTV) to you Mr. Flannery!!!

You know... all of that was complete Greek to me seens how I do good to figure out the remote control to just ONE tv... but it all sounds mighty impressive and I'm fairly certain I would view it all with eyes as big as satellites thinkin' the whole time "how'd you DO that?!" and "how does all of this go?!!?"

And I'm sure my thoughts would be amplified in HDTV of course. On 25 screens. Yep.


SecondhandKris said...

I'm pretty sure I have to have Kjell translate that for me - but I am suitably awed and impressed!! I'm with red.neck chic - I have a hard enough time with the remote for one TV!! And I still have NO idea how to work the DVD player.

Jaybird said...

hmmmmmmmmm, we would have loved you as a customer when we had a TV repair business!!!! I can't see a 42" TV very well...maybe I should try your 20' one!! :^)

Mr. Flannery said...

Jaybird - maybe I hit the wrong key. 20" instead of 20'. I do have a digital projector that may reach 20' but I'm pretty sure it would be pretty faint at that size.