Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its a Crock, But a Very Nice One

I bought a couple of really interesting stoneware pieces at an auction about a week ago. About half of the auction was advertising crocks and other stoneware pieces. Here are two of the favorites that I bought.

Bovox was a meat paste used to increase caloric intake.

I like the extra coloring near the base of this crock.

Now I am going to go into auction withdrawal. None scheduled until January 1st.

Mr. Flannery

UPDATE -- I had nice photos so I decided to list these two crocks on eBay. The auctions end on Christmas Day. Ho-ho-ho.


terry5732 said...

BOVOX - removes udder wrinkles

Mr. Flannery said...

Terry - udderly ridiculous.

ann at greenoak said...

wow....they are both fabulous....never saw such big thick letters and love the bovox one..never saw one down here.....

red.neck chic said...

If it removes udder wrinkles, will it work on laugh lines and pesky dimples?

Those are too cool!