Monday, December 14, 2009

Babe & Friend

Babe is one pooped pup this evening. He is lying next to the door snoring away, with every third breath being a jowl rattling deep exhale. We started out today plowing the driveway. I have a small 5' plow on the front of my ATV. I have to go up and down the steep hill that's my driveway many times to push the snow off to the sides. Babe has to chase with me on every run. Full speed to the top and then full speed back down. His tongue was dragging and the slime was hanging in icicles from his jowls. But he was up and running for every trip.

Then a new neighbor showed up. He is a young black lab, maybe a year old, full height, but not filled out. They ran and chased and ran some more. Both had to chase the ATV. Babe thought this was wonderful until I got off of the machine and started to pet his new friend. Babe's back bristled and his bark changed to a deep growl. He did not want this puppy to get too close to me. I gave Babe a pat, then a small smack with my glove to his hind side. And off they both went, full speed onto the ice and then back up the hill.

I am sure that Babe will be sound asleep early tonight.

Mr. Flannery

UPDATE (from Babe) - The kid may be younger, but teh yellow dog is much better lookin'.

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red.neck chic said...

LOLOL I love dogs!!! I woulda had the black lab layin' in there right beside Babe... does that make a dogjacker? HA!

That's too funny! My dogs chase the tractor... or the field mice that run after the tractor plows down their living room. hee-hee

;-) Robelyn