Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We Have Some Snow Here on the Tundra

BLIZZARD WARNING!!!! I guess that our brush with global warming has abruptly ended. Snow, single digit temperatures, 30 mph winds directly from the Arctic Circle, just another winter's day on the tundra. So what did I do? I went to a junky auction. A nice little auction about 50 miles west of my house. The auction started at 3:00 PM but in my normal wont I was fashionably late getting there at about 4:00. There were piles and tables and stacks and rows of stuff. Most of no interest at all but a few gems worth waiting for.

My favorite item is a small cone shaped metal cupola. The best item is probably 2 bronze colored metal tables with polished granite tops. I also bought 7 metal farm wheels including 2 that are about 4 feet in diameter, an antique store counter base that was converted into a bench, a tool box full of watch parts and watch repair tools, McCoy Pottery vase, boxes of old bottles and 2 very interesting piano moving carts.

I loaded the truck, accumulating enough snow on my hat and sweater to start bearing a resemblance to a snowman. It took me forever to get everything strapped down and in. And then it was back home in the dark.

The snow was drifting, while being blown almost sideways by the 30 mph winds. Every time a truck passed in the opposite direction I would get a white out that was as if someone had thrown a white blanket on to the windshield. The truck was in 4 wheel drive but the full load acted much like a sail moving me around as the gusts came around the trees or through a gap. The lines on the road will disappear under the snow and then reappear right under the middle of the truck. All in all it was an interesting and white knuckling trip home. Luckily there is nothing in the truck box that can not take snow so I didn't have to unload when I got home.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

Well...I am glad you made it home - even at a snails pace! LOL How fun it sounds - I can't wait to see pictures of your blizzard AND your fun auction stuff!!!

You even made the news in Texas (I think they are just taunting me with what real snow looks like...just my opinion.) LOLOL

;-) Stay warm!

Broken China Treasures said...

That sounds hair raising! I saw a few flakes in Atlanta last weekend and that was enough for me. Glad I'm back in the South!!

Hmmm, watch parts? That sounds interesting! Did you also come away with any watch crystals?? Will you be putting those in your Ebay shop?