Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Little Year End Inventory

I have been realigning and packing away a lot of the junk that has accumulated in my house over the years. I have collected art pottery forever, so it is everywhere. I decided that I needed to take some photos before this stuff was boxed and forgotten. Some will stay, some will be moved elsewhere and a bunch will be stashed in a tote until I have my auction.

Roseville Futura Jardiniere

Mostly Peters & Reed w/ McCoy Frog

More Peters & Reed w/ Bulgarian Icon

White Pottery, Denver

Her Husband sits on the other end of the Mantle
Fossil Skate & Fish

Western Stoneware & Weller Pots
Big early McCoy Jardiniere & Pedestal

Very Large Piece of Peters & Reed

Misc. Jardinieres
Swedish art pottery lamp

Indian Pins

1907 US Army Recruiting Calendar

Roseville Vase & Packard Hood Ornament

17th C Persian Tile 18th C Wedgwood Tile
My Favorite - Peter the Great
Piles of Weller
Rookwood Rook Bookends
18th C Chinese Birds
Some of my reverse painted lamps.
Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

hmmmm.... where to begin? Okay - the blue with brown floral pot on the ledge... the peterbilt logo and the pink vase... oh! and the indian pins... please mark those boxes clearly for me. LOLOLOL Peter IS great and I love the stone work with the fossils!

That is quiet a collection Mr. Flannery! I think I've just spent 15 minutes gazing at it all. LOL

Happy New Year! Don't forget to turn the TV off...ha ha!

;-) robelyn

Anne~fiona and twig said...

So when are you having this auction???
'Cause I see a whole bunch of stuff that I *NEED*!

And there will be hair pulling if Robelyn thinks she's just gonna stroll outta there with those Indian Pins.


Wishing you a very blessed and Happy New Year


Janice said...

I drooled when I saw all these items in person and I am drooling now.

When is your auction? I just might have to plan another trip north.